Welcome To Vancouver!

Vancouver is a vibrant, cosmopolitan city consistently ranked as one of the world’s most livable cities. Nestled between the Coast Mountains and the Pacific Ocean in British Columbia, Vancouver blends big city amenities with natural beauty and outdoor recreation. As Canada’s third-largest metropolitan area, it offers culture, cuisine, entertainment and career opportunities alongside scenic landscapes.

Location and Setting

Vancouver occupies a spectacular natural setting on the southwest coast of British Columbia. Located in the Lower Mainland region, it spans approximately 115 square kilometres between Burrard Inlet and the United States border. Vancouver lies surrounded by water, with the Pacific bordering its west side and the Coast Mountains rising to the north. Vancouver enjoys a mild, temperate climate.

Demographics and Culture

With over 630,000 residents as of 2016, Vancouver is among Canada’s most densely populated and ethnically diverse cities. Nearly 50% of inhabitants are immigrants, contributing to multicultural communities. Key ethnic groups include Chinese, South Asian, Filipino, and Indigenous peoples.

Vibrant arts scenes, festivals, galleries, global cuisine and LGBTQ-friendly culture reflect this cosmopolitan atmosphere. Neighborhoods like Gastown, Chinatown, and Little Italy each possess distinct local flair.

Economy and Industry

As Western Canada’s biggest metropolitan centre, Vancouver drives the British Columbian economy and serves as a major port city. Key industries include tourism, film and television, real estate, high technology, healthcare, transportation, finance, and trade. Vancouver houses the BC headquarters of many national corporations. Major local employers are Vancouver Coastal Health, BC Hydro, University of British Columbia, and Vancouver School Board. The Port of Vancouver generates significant marine trade and jobs.

Attractions and Things to Do

Some top attractions and activities in Vancouver include:

  • Stanley Park – Iconic urban green space with forests, trails, beaches, and gardens
  • Granville Island – Hip arts district with public market, studios, shops and waterfront charm
  • Grouse Mountain – Scenic mountaintop with aerial tramway ride and hiking trails
  • Vancouver Aquarium – Major aquarium with dolphins, belugas, sea otters and more
  • Museum of Vancouver – Exhibits on the city’s natural and cultural history
  • Robson Street – Bustling downtown shopping and dining promenade
  • Gastown – Trendy historic neighbourhood with boutiques, galleries and nightlife

Parks and Outdoor Recreation

Vancouver’s spectacular natural setting lends itself to outdoor activities:

  • Hiking, running, and cycling in Stanley Park, Pacific Spirit Regional Park, and the Seawall
  • Beaches like Kitsilano Beach, English Bay Beach, and Wreck Beach
  • Kayaking, sailing, and boating on Burrard Inlet, English Bay and False Creek
  • Skiing and snowboarding on local mountains like Grouse, Cypress and Seymour
  • Seaplane tours for aerial views of the city and surroundings

Accessibility and Housing

As a major city, Vancouver boasts extensive infrastructure and transportation. Rapid transit includes the Skytrain metro system and the SeaBus ferry. The Vancouver International Airport provides global connections. Housing ranges from high-rise condominiums to single-family homes in neighbourhoods across the city.

More About Vancouver

Vancouver’s natural beauty, multiculturalism, thriving economy, arts, cuisine, and energy establish its reputation as a world-class yet livable metropolis in British Columbia. Alongside urban opportunities sits easy access to nature, recreation and scenery that enhances quality of life.

Transportation Accessibility​ ​- Vancouver

Transportation Accessibility

Vancouver, BC, is a bustling metropolis that offers a seamless blend of urban convenience and natural beauty, all while ensuring excellent transportation accessibility. Positioned along major transportation routes like Highway 1 and served by an extensive public transit system, the city ensures effortless connections within its vibrant neighbourhoods and to neighbouring communities.

Education & Schools​ ​- Vancouver

Education & Schools

Education thrives in Vancouver, BC, with a strong emphasis on fostering intellectual growth. The Vancouver School District offers a diverse range of educational opportunities, from elementary to secondary levels. The city’s commitment to education is reflected in its specialized schools and academies that cater to unique learning needs, empowering students to excel academically and personally.

Health Care​ - Vancouver

Health Care

Vancouver residents have access to world-class healthcare services that prioritize well-being. Local medical clinics, hospitals, and healthcare practitioners offer comprehensive care for various medical needs. Prominent healthcare institutions like Vancouver General Hospital and St. Paul’s Hospital provide a wide range of medical services, ensuring residents receive top-notch healthcare.

Natural Beauty​ - Vancouver

Natural Beauty

Vancouver’s natural wonder is a defining aspect of its character, with stunning landscapes and breathtaking vistas. Stanley Park, a crown jewel, offers lush greenery and picturesque seawall paths. Grouse Mountain and Capilano Suspension Bridge Park provide opportunities for outdoor adventures and awe-inspiring views, showcasing Vancouver’s close connection to nature.

Shopping and Dining​ - Vancouver

Shopping and Dining

Vancouver beckons with a dynamic blend of shopping and dining experiences that cater to diverse tastes. Robson Street and Pacific Centre offer both high-end boutiques and local shops. The culinary scene is equally impressive, with a myriad of restaurants that showcase international flavours, locally-sourced ingredients, and innovative culinary concepts.

Arts and Culture

In Vancouver, culture is evident in its diverse arts scene that embraces creativity and expression. The Vancouver Art Gallery stands as a cultural beacon, hosting exhibitions, performances, and community events. Public art installations, theatres, and music venues contribute to the city’s vibrant artistic tapestry, enriching public spaces and fostering cultural dialogue.

Parks & Recreation ​​​ - Vancouver

Parks & Recreation

Vancouver’s recreational landscape invites residents and visitors to embrace an active lifestyle and connect with the outdoors. The city boasts numerous parks, beaches, and green spaces that cater to a range of activities. Kitsilano Beach and Queen Elizabeth Park offer settings for picnics, sports, and relaxation, highlighting Vancouver’s commitment to a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Community Events

The Vancouver International Film Festival and the Vancouver Pride Parade are annual highlights that bring residents and visitors together. Seasonal events, outdoor markets, and festivals contribute to a lively and diverse community atmosphere.

Civic and Government Services​​​​ - Vancouver

Civic and Government Services

Vancouver’s commitment to its residents is evident through efficient civic and government services that enhance quality of life. Vancouver City Hall serves as a central point for community engagement, offering essential services, information, and support. The city’s dedication to sustainability, infrastructure development, and community programs reflects its commitment to creating a vibrant, inclusive, and progressive environment.