Welcome To North Delta!

Located in the fertile Fraser River delta of British Columbia, North Delta balances abundant farmland and natural areas with suburban neighbourhoods just outside Vancouver. Scenic landscapes from Burns Bog to Boundary Bay provide a picturesque backdrop for outdoor recreation from birdwatching to golf. North Delta’s communities combine rural charm with modern amenities and easy access to Metro Vancouver.

Geography and Setting

Part of Delta, BC, North Delta spans over 95 square kilometres framed by the Fraser River and Boundary Bay. Rolling fields, coastal wetlands, forests, and urban centers characterize its diverse terrain at the western edge of the Fraser Valley. The Corporation of Delta includes North Delta, Ladner, and Tsawwassen.

Parks and Outdoor Activities

North Delta boasts numerous large parks offering ample recreation:

  • Burns Bog – Largest raised bog on the west coast, with hiking trails and diverse ecosystems
  • Boundary Bay Regional Park – Trails and viewing platforms for appreciation of marine life
  • Deas Island Regional Park – Walking paths, fishing docks, and picnic areas along the Fraser River
  • Watersports at popular beach parks like Centennial Beach and Boundary Bay
  • Cycling along the flat terrain of rural roads and dikes

North Delta golf courses include Glen Meadows, Beach Grove, and North Delta’s Morgan Creek Golf Course. The region provides bountiful farmland for horseback riding as well.

History and Heritage

The Kwantlen, Musqueam, and Tsawwassen First Nations have inhabited this delta region for thousands of years. Europeans began settling the area in the late 1800s, concentrating on fishing, farming and freight.

Ladner and other communities gradually developed into their present-day forms. Historic sites like the 1894 Port Guichon Schoolhouse offer glimpses of North Delta’s past, while events like Ladner Pioneer May Days celebrate local heritage.

Demographics and Economy

North Delta’s population reached over 50,000 residents as of 2016. While predominantly Caucasian, its ethnic diversity is rising with immigrants and minorities representing over 40% of residents.

In addition to agriculture, key industries include retail, healthcare, transportation, construction trades, and aviation. The BC Aviation Museum highlights the role of flight in Delta’s growth. Vancouver International Airport also provides significant regional employment.

Housing and Amenities

North Delta neighborhoods offer diverse housing options from rural acreages to townhomes to waterfront properties. Home prices are often lower than elsewhere in Metro Vancouver. Schools, recreation centers, shopping centers, and healthcare provide convenient access to everyday amenities.

Access and Transportation

Highway 99, Highway 91, Highway 17, and other major arterial roads connect North Delta to surrounding communities. Transit options include West Coast Express commuter rail, TransLink buses, and the SkyTrain at Scott Road Station. The Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal provides sea access to Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands.

More About North Delta

North Delta, BC, seamlessly blends its natural surroundings with a strong community spirit, offering a lifestyle that celebrates nature, connection, and a sense of belonging. With its rich educational landscape, vibrant arts scene, and abundance of green spaces, the city invites individuals to immerse themselves in its diverse tapestry and embrace a way of life that values both natural beauty and community well-being.

Transportation Accessibility - New Westminster

Transportation Accessibility

North Delta, BC, offers a perfect blend of natural splendour and accessibility. Situated along major transportation routes like Highway 91 and the Alex Fraser Bridge, the city ensures convenient connections to neighbouring communities and urban centers. The city’s transit system, along with its proximity to major roadways, provides residents and visitors with efficient mobility options.

Education & Schools - North Delta

Education & Schools

Education flourishes in North Delta, BC, as the city places a strong emphasis on fostering the growth of young minds. The Delta School District offers a diverse range of educational opportunities, from elementary to secondary levels. Specialized schools and academies cater to unique learning needs, ensuring that students receive a comprehensive education that prepares them for future success.

Health Care - North Delta

Health Care

North Delta residents enjoy access to quality healthcare services that prioritize their well-being. Local medical clinics and healthcare practitioners provide comprehensive care for various medical needs. Delta Hospital, a cornerstone of the community’s health infrastructure, offers a range of medical services, including emergency care, diagnostics, and specialized treatments, ensuring that residents’ healthcare needs are met with excellence.

Historic Character - North Delta

Historic Character

The Delta Museum and Archives provides visitors with various exhibits, artifacts, photographs, and documents that offer insights into the area’s history, from its Indigenous heritage to its agricultural roots and urban development. The museum often collaborates with local organizations and community members to curate engaging exhibitions highlighting various aspects of Delta’s history and culture.

Shopping and Dining

North Delta beckons with a vibrant blend of shopping and dining experiences that cater to diverse tastes and preferences. Scottsdale Centre stands as a hub for retail therapy, boasting local boutiques and well-known stores. The culinary scene is equally enticing, with a diverse range of dining establishments that showcase international flavours and innovative culinary concepts.

Arts and Culture - North Delta

Arts and Culture

Culture thrives in North Delta, evident in its vibrant arts scene that fosters creativity and expression. The North Delta Arts Council and local galleries offer platforms for artists to showcase their works and engage the community. The city’s commitment to the arts is further reflected in public art installations and cultural events that enrich public spaces and celebrate the community’s creative spirit.

Parks & Recreation - North Delta

Parks & Recreation

Nature takes center stage in North Delta’s recreational landscape, inviting residents and visitors to immerse themselves in the great outdoors. The city boasts an array of parks, trails, and green spaces that cater to a range of outdoor activities. Watershed Park and Cougar Creek Park provide serene settings for picnicking, jogging, and enjoying the tranquillity that surrounds the city.

Community Events - North Delta

Community Events

North Delta’s strong sense of community is celebrated through a diverse array of events that foster connection and engagement. The North Delta Farmers Market and the North Delta Festival of Performing Arts create spaces for residents to gather, share, and celebrate local culture. Seasonal events like the North Delta Family Day contribute to the city’s festive spirit, promoting unity and joy.

Civic and Government Services

North Delta’s commitment to its residents is evident through efficient civic and government services that enhance quality of life. North Delta Municipal Hall serves as a central point for community engagement, offering essential services, information, and support to residents. The city’s dedication to infrastructure maintenance, waste management, and community programs reflects its commitment to creating a thriving, inclusive, and harmonious environment.