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We have important news to share with you that could mean the difference between making more or less money when selling your home in today’s market.

Last year, half the homes listed for sale did not sell with the real estate agent who originally listed the property. In fact, according to industry studies, 69% of home sellers say they would not go back to do business with the same real estate agent again.

Don’t risk making the wrong choices in pricing, marketing, or in choosing a real estate agent. Don’t risk losing both time and money on one of life’s most important investments, your home.

We successfully help homeowners, like you, sell their homes fast and for top dollar. Many real estate agents will say this, but we back up our claims with statistics, customer success stories, and written guarantees.

Our unique VIP Seller Benefit System will give you superior results through our unique team approach, and our exclusive and innovative consumer programs that are proven to create more demand for your home. With our leading-edge technology, our team launches multiple marketing systems to sell your home as soon as we list it for sale.

Our specialized knowledge, and our impressive track record, will prove to you that our team can make a difference in the selling of your home, to get you more money in your pocket when selling your home, in less time and with less hassle.

If you have any questions about your home sale, the marketplace, and all things real estate, contact our team using the contact information on this page and start packing.

Watch the video and start packing.

Sonny Bhinder Real Estate Team

To Discuss Your Home Sale or Purchase,
 CALL or TEXT us at 778-234-2000